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Mission, Vision and Motto


Understanding through Scripture, the Foundation in which True Foundation Church (TFC) is based and built upon; so we may begin to know the heart of our Bishop and make the vision, mission and motto applicable and live out Gods Will for this Church


Mission Statement: Luke 4:18

Our Mission is to preach the Gospel to the poor and teach the doctrine of Jesus Christ that all might be saved for eternal glory in Jesus name.


To heal the brokenhearted, those bound by the cares and riches of the world and wounded and hurt by others.


To set free those in chains and blinded by Satan’s powers and to give spiritual wisdom, knowledge and guidance to the world. We seek deliverance for them that are bound, bruised and oppressed. 


Vision Statement: Habakkuk 2:2

The Kingdom of God’s reach extends beyond the Gospels of Christ.


Our Vision is to support our neighbors, educate our children, provide food, clothes and shelter to our homeless and assist those that are in need.


Our vision is to build a center for youth activities and local community support events




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